Happenings and Brags

USASA (AKC) Aussie Nationals (Mar 31, April 1-3 2014)

Tommy and I decided to play at the AKC Aussie Nationals again.

Tommy earned his HXAs title qualifying both days in advanced sheep as well as qualifying in advanced rally (making him one of the MVA qualifiers)

I also qualified with both Choca (Sally Reynolds) and Hobby (Carol Jeffry) in started ducks so that they were also MVA qualifiers!

Mid South ASC Stock Trial

Dari finished her advanced sheep on course E, then a spare leg on course B. (as well as finals points both runs, but no love on ducks)

Tommy also earned finals points in sheep.

Rango earned 2 started sheep legs (E and B) under judge Rachel Vest)

Bug earned her first started sheep leg.

GSKC Agility Trial April 11-13, 2014

I ran Tommy and Lizzy.

The Little Lizard was amazing.  She qualified all 3 days in open standard, no title as it was the same judge.  Saturday she finished her open jumpers and Sunday she earned her first excellent jumpers leg!

TASC Agility trial (Chattanooga) March 22-23 2014

Again no RS-O for Tommy...  Another JS-E leg, and almost gamblers legs...

Dari earned a couple more 5 point (faulted) novice regular legs.

Todd and I earned an Elite jumpers leg.

GPA ASCA Stock Trial (Ball Ground, GA) March 7-9, 2014

Judging and trialing! Tommy Q-ed all but 1 run (6 total runs- F and B) on course  and earned some finals points.

For Dari's first time in Advanced she did every well, also Q-ing 5 out of 6 runs and earning finals points (no titles as all runs were under the same judge.

4Paws USDAA Feb 1 & 2 2014

Starting the new year with a bang! Tommy finishes his (performance) Advanced jumpers and snookers titles.

Dari earned a P1 jumpers leg!

FLPHASC Event (Baker, FL) Jan 24-26

A cold weekend of agility, conformation, and rally (plus judging obedience)

In Rally- Lizzy and Dari both finished their RA and Lin earned her REM!

In agility, Tommy earned another JS-E.  (just won't get that last RS-O leg)

4Paws USDAA trial Dec 6 & 7

Tommy and Dari played.  Tommy managed (finally) to finish his PD!

WASC of GA Stock trial (Nov 1-2, 2013)

Always a fun trial.

Tommy had some nice runs and q-ed all sheep runs, 3 out of 4 cattle runs, and 0 duck runs. He did get some placements and a couple of finals points.

Dari had an awesome trial. She was trialling in open. Friday she qualified in sheep with a 1st and ducks with a 2nd. She had a tough group of cattle, so did not q but did get a 3rd. Saturday she q-ed all 3 runs with 1st in sheep and cattle and a 3rd in ducks. 

GSKC (AKC) Agility Trial, Memphis TN (Oct 11-13 2013)

We attended our local AKC Agility trial (Tommy and Lizzy to run agility, me to build courses and run with the dogs)

THough Tommy managed not to qualify at all, Lizzy had an awesome weekend, qualifying 5 out of 6 runs.  (One run I managed to knock a jump over). She finished her NA and earned 3 OAJ legs- no title as they all were under the same judge.

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