Planned breeding (this fall) Tommy (PCH WTCH Istari’s Tom Bombadil…) x Bug (WTCH HTCH Hetuck Juniper By Istari  JS-O RS-N GS-N NA NAJ)

Fly (Black tri female, born July 17, 2015).  
Parents:Motley (WTCH Istari’s Beale Street Blues RTDsc ASCA/AKC CD JS-E GS-E RS-E HRDIIs MX MXJ OF CGC DNA-VP) X Lizzy (WTCH Istari Gearhart Leapn Lizard AFTDs JS-E GS-O RS-E AXJ OA RA DNA-VP.
Fly is a fun puppy, shows nice interest (and sense) on sheep. Fearless, very athletic, loves toys and food. She is a handful and needs a job.


Lizzy and Motley (photo credit Brenda Black)

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